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commercial activities

commercial activities

The commercial activity is focused on repairs and deliveries of accessories of vacuum furnaces, sales of nozzles for sandblasting and sales and repairs of mechanical seals.

The program of repairs of vacuum furnaces includes production and replacement of all worn parts, whereby in cooperation, we provide checking of untightness of vacuum furnaces and their elimination, calibration of operating control devices, thermocouples, replacement and repairs of insufficient thermal insulation, complete cleaning and painting of the furnace, installation of the spare parts.

For preliminary treatment by sandblasting we have on stock a wide assortment of nozzles, which we offer in three different versions: made of boron carbide material, silicon carbide material and tungsten carbide material. We offer various types and kinds of nozzles, but also production of atypical nozzles according to the requirements of the customer with the possibility to buy sealings and holders made of nylon material.

The company ROTANEO s. r. o. is dealing with trading and repairs of mechanical seals already for almost 20 years. With reference to the complexity of the issue of mechanical seals and to many years of our experience we provide technical advice during their application. We will prepare the concept, delivery of new or worn mechanical seals, replacement of worn parts. Matter of course is standard warranty for the quality of work and material, accuracy of construction of the delivered parts retaining the recommended assembly procedures, operation and storage of parts.

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