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The main production program of the company ROTANEO s.r.o. is the production of technical ceramics, especially of silicon carbide products and the production of the spare parts or of the components of mechanical seals of various producers.

Usage of SiSiC products is mainly in sealing applications (sealing rings and bearings), high temperature applications (burners) and as abrasion-resistant materials (sandblasting nozzles). The whole production process of silicon carbide material, starting with mixing through processing and ending with final inspection of the final products is situated in our company.

The cooperation with the companies dealing with repairs of pumps, for which we provide repairs of mechanical seals and production of spare parts is important. The production activity is focused on production of the following spare parts:

  • stainless steel parts
  • sealing components - carbon components, SiSiC components
  • bearings for circulation pumps: saturated with bearing metal, carbon bearings,
  • ceramic bearings - embedded into a metal cage
  • carbon lamellae of the compressors – sectional and undivided

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